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The EU is not EUROPE!

"If the Euro dies, Europe will die!" Mentioned “Europe” is meant to be “EU”. Current EU equated with Europe is the daily megalomaniacal attempt to implement in minds of the European population that the construct EU policy would consist since centuries.
But it was just created by the Maastricht Treaty of 1992, only about 20 years ago. The EU has nothing to do with the continent of Europe, the Europe of the people. It is a pure political construct. It should unite the people of Europe and bring peace and prosperity. But it has brought poverty and unrest, interference in the budgetary sovereignty of sovereign states, whose elected governments just have been replaced. Plundering of national budgets of all EU countries in favor of large banks. The EU breaks its contracts in order to abolish the sovereignty of the states of Europe and thus extend their power. Foundations of any democracy are ignored.

More and more European citizens reject these EU and its single currency, the Euro.